LNAT Practice Test and (no) Past Papers

You are right to think that doing well on LNAT centres on doing practice tests. Unfortunately, the availability of LNAT past papers is most limited, bar two official sample papers (from our experience, no longer that reflective of the current curriculum). At the same time, it is a useless exercise to be doing practice tests that do not reflect the demands of the exam and do not cover the range of question types (in other words, books are quite useless).

In fact, such poor state of affairs was the inspiration behind Arbitio: to create unparalleled set of extensive Practice Tests that simulate both the exam conditions and use a distribution-based marking scale. Here’s how it looks:


Therefore, have a go at the LNAT Practice Test in our Simulator – see whether you can do the 42 Questions within the time limit. If you need to pause, don’t worry as all the answer and time data is saved for you to start again from where you left off.

Simply register, and good luck – we hope to see you subscribe to Arbitio and prepare to ace LNAT.