27 is the average score of our Students in last year's LNAT

That's top 15% of the cohort and the average score of a successful Oxford Law applicant for 2019 entry

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    Prepare with the most extensive set of Tests that truly challenge
  • 20+ Essays with Model Answers and Marking
    Practise the right topics and learn to impress admissions tutors
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700+ LNAT Questions (and counting!)

Our Questions are arranged on a spectrum of difficulty and cover a broad range of subjects

LNAT Mock Exams

Our bespoke Question Bank is spread over 16 Mock Exams, all designed to emulate the format you can expect to see on the Exam Day

In-depth Solutions to each Answer Option

Out Tutors have comprehensively explained each question, including all the pros and cons. You will find it in our Walkthrough Feature

Developed by Top Law Students

We have selected only the best law students to ensure that the content we provide is unmatched in its category

Designed & Updated for 2020/21 LNAT curriculum

We have done an exhaustive review of the LNAT exam structure, and built a curriculum to test and enhance every skill you will need to ace the LNAT

Practice Tests

Practice makes Perfect

Our course materials are presented in a faithful simulation of the LNAT exam environment, so that when the big day comes around it will all be second nature to you

Beat the Clock

Our mock Tests are timed, just like the real exam, ensuring you won't be caught for time when you take your LNAT

Revise in Style

The user-friendly layout provides you with a detailed Results section at the end of each Test, so you'll always know where your strengths and weaknesses are


Arbitio is fully compatible with mobile devices, so a busy lifestyle is no reason not to be prepared for your LNAT. A lawyer is always on the clock, and so is Arbitio

Mock Exam

600+ LNAT Digest Questions

Improve your verbal reasoning skills with LNAT Digest - a set of curated Articles with critical thinking questions and model answers


Personal Statement and Essays Tutorials
(Full version release on 15th September)

Revise on your own Terms

Plan your revision with the integrated Calendar and keep on track with self-adapting Daily Targets

Outclass the Competition

We are known for the challenge and variety of our LNAT Question Curriculum. Learn from the best materials to be the best


20 Essay Questions with Model Answers

LNAT draws from a wide variety of topics for its essay questions so we've designed 20 questions along with model answers for you to study and apply in practice

Essays Simulator

Our seamless essays application allows you to write up and submit your essay in the exact same manner as you will do in the LNAT

Essay Marking Service

With our express Essay Marking Service, you can get expert feedback from one of tutors allowing you to develop the persuasive and concise writing styles favoured by the admissions tutors

1 Essay Marking included in the Subscription

Sample Essays

Data at your fingertips

Revision is most effective when you can reliably track your performance over time so that you can concentrate your work in the areas where you are weakest

It works best when you can compare yourself against how others are doing - Arbitio gives you access to the user data so that you know your percentile and which areas you need to improve

To this end, we have sorted each Question according to Topic, Type and Difficulty, which combined with the time taken to answer each Question, enables the generation of an interactive graphical suite

The data are presented clearly and intuitively, so it’s always easy to find out how you are doing


Advice and Examples

Work through each section with helpful advice from Oxbridge Students to make you reflect on what and how you should write

Get the ideal Structure

Only with the right structure can you hope to make a powerful case for yourself to the admissions tutor. We distill the matter into 5 weighted sections

Write your Draft

Use our guided write-up application and collect your progress into a Draft

Free Community Review

Publish your draft on Arbitio Community to gain feedback from Tutors and other Students

Expert Review

Get a detailed written report from 2 Expert Reviewers with personalised guidance on how you can perfect your personal statement. Payable £80.

Mock Exam

Expert Tutors are a Comment Away

We are building a Community. Post questions and request advice on anything LNAT and Law Admissions related and one of our Tutors will reply to you on our custom-built forum

Community Review

Submit your Essays with a click of a button and receive comments from Tutors and other Students

Engage with the Questions and Solutions

With embedded comments for each Question, you can gain additional insight or clarification into the nuance of a tough LNAT MCQ


Why students prepare with Arbitio

40000+ Question answers and 1000+ Essays written last year

Arbitio was invaluable to my LNAT preparation. The Tests and Solutions are amazingly written and set me to actually practise the skills I needed to get my score. I am so glad I came across it. I feel like if I did not use it I would not have ended up getting an offer.


ImadOffer from Oxford University, LNAT Score: 30

I have been using Arbitio with my students for over a year now and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s such a great resource: the curriculum is outstanding as it challenges the students to develop the required critical skills with extensive opportunities to practise under exam conditions. I believe it directly contributed to great offers for Law at top Russell Group universities including Oxford last year, with the students achieving outstanding results on the LNAT.


Laura MeeHead of Careers & Higher Education @ Haberdashers’ Aske School for Girls

The Tests are most reflective of the LNAT. I owe my score to the fact that I was able to practise so many questions, of so many different types, and with such profuse explanations and analyses. In the exam, I coped well under the time pressure and worked out each answer with a method in mind. I highly recommend using Arbitio to all those interested in obtaining a great score on the LNAT and writing an excellent Essay.

BogdanOffer from UCL and King’s College London, LNAT Score: 32

Arbitio has been fantastic - I can say for sure it has made me more confident in reading complicated and unfamiliar texts. The model Essays are excellent, and I have practised essay writing on a wide range of topics under exact exam conditions. The feedback on my essay was extensive, detailed and super helpful for improvement. I have already recommended the course to several people and I am sure they will find it as well-crafted and useful as I did.

RitaOffer from UCL

Insofar as the Tests on Arbitio being harder, I thought that that was very useful. As a student looking for books to prepare, most of the resources available are too easy, and pretty terrible preparation honestly. I think that the Arbitio’s Mock Tests are of a higher quality than most other ones I've tried, and in that sense incomparably better and on par with past papers.

Liang YuanSevenoaks School

Getting the subscription has been such a good decision as the Tests, Essays and Answers are of exceptionally good quality. The site is also very well done so thank you for that.

SophiaOffer from Durham, LNAT Score: 28

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